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Next...Someone, like others here, who likes or wanna try premium quality products and needs me to deliver ^_^ yy

Kak Puteh Aman - Car air-freshener Fruity ^_^

Liyana - Minyak Telon Asli Tropical Herbs
Didi - Double X, Protein, BComplex, Garlic, etc

Ana P9 Putrajaya

Ura Double X

Wanie, Shampoo Anti-Dandruff x 2
Kakna, Positrim Choco x2
Kama, GH Complexion Bar x2
Nieza, Ideal Dual Foundation
Nadia, Bilberry Plus, Daily180, Caramel x3
Wyna, roll on x2, formulation7in1
Azma, Daily180

Mira, Set bersalin Tropical Herbs 30/11
Nieza, Set bersalin Tropical Herbs 30/11
Yati, Pore Cleansing Masque 30/11
Lin, Car Wash 30/11
Idah, Baby oil 30/11
Fairuz, Manukah Honey 30/11
Mas, Baby Oil, Roll on 30/11
Lidia, Acerola ceri 30/11
Ija, Roll on deodorant x7, Baby oilx2
Kak Kamsiah, Shampoo Gentle Daily
Ti, DOubleX Refill
Sisdilla, Allano Lotion, Allano Powder
Aini, Royal Jelly Bee Treasures
Wyna, Set Bersalin Tropical Herb
Intan, Set bersalin Tropical Herbs
Erda, Set bersalin Tropical Herbs
Faira, Set bersalin Tropical Herbs
Najjah, Set bersalin Tropical Herbs
Nizah, Multiprotect SPF30++, Balancing System, ROll on
Amy, baby oil, carwash, silicon glaze
Sisramyah, baby oil, roll on, antibacterial soap 3in1, feminewash
Kak Ti, Artistry Essential Balancing Set,  Noxxa Breadmaker

Liza Bt Jelutong 2XAllano Lotion
Zura, Parcel E  1XTropical Herbs Baby Oil
Nadiah Penang 1XAllano Lotion
Anis 4XTropical Herbs Baby Oil
Ila Fasha Kerteh  1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set
Mas Gombak 1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set

Husna 1X Ideal Facial Powder
Salasiah Putrajaya 1XFibre
Zaza KL 3XTropical Herbs Baby Oil
Muja D.U. 1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set
Zulani Sitiawan 1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set
Lina Enstek 1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set

Nurul  Sri Kembangan 3XRoll on deodorant Bodyseries
Liza, Kajang 2XRoll on deodorant Bodyseries
Farhana  Shah Alam  2XTropical Herbs Baby Oil
Ramyah Shah Alam   1X Daily , 1X CalMag
Diyana Shah Alam 1XGreen Tea, 1XPositrim Coco
Liza Sg Buloh  1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set
Wyna KL  1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set

Noraini KL  1XTropical Herbs Baby Oil, 1XRoll on deodorant Bodyseries
Faizah Sri Kembangan 1x  Tropical HerbsPost Natal Set
Rozila Putrajaya Double X

Ramyah Shah Alam  2XTropical Herbs Baby Oil
Nik Senawang  1XDaily, 1X CalMag, 1X Iron Folic
Nadia Sri Kembangan 1XDaily, 1XBilberry Plus, 1XMadu Manuka, 1X Royal Jelly 1X Bee Pollen
Wan&Zaitul 10 X Roll on deodorant Bodyseries
Liz 1XRoll on deodorant Bodyseries
Mastura Besut  1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set
Adira Awin Putrajaya  2XTropical Herbs Baby Oil
Wati Jitra - 1XAllano , 1X GH Bar Soap
Hasliza TTDI, 1XCal-Mag
Farah Senawang 1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set

Jay 1XChewables for Kids, 1XPositrim Vanilla
Zu  Sri Kembangan 1x  Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set
Sakinah Miri Tropical Herbs Post Natal Set
Ilyana  Sg Buloh2XAllano lotion, 2X Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Syuhada Sri Kembangan 1x  Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Fattima Sri Kembangan 2x  Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Rozila Putrajaya Double X
Hanis - EM155865168MY - Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Hajar - EM156338123MY - Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Ria - CD174404597MY - 1xTropical Herbs Set + Set Beg
Nadiyah Ampang- 1xTropical Herbs Set, 1x 7in1, 1x Cal-mag
Reeni Setiawangsa- Roll on X 2
Azliza Maluri - 1xTropical herbs Set
Kak Zunita Gombak - 1xTropical herbs Set
Sulaiha Batu Caves- 1xTropical herbs Set
Anis Kuantan - 1xTropical herbs Set EM150391655MY
Ema Klang - 1xTropical herbs Set EM155340015MY
Zamzalina Shah Alam- Chewables Multivits, Daily, Allano lotionEM150391664MY
Hani Kajang/Bangi - 2x Roll on deodorant Body Series
Zura Bukit Katil - 1xTropical herbs Set
Mira Pajam- 2xTropical herbs Set + Starter Kit
Naza Kuchai Lama/Balakong - LecithinE270
Helmi & Liza Putrajaya 28.6. - 1xTropical herbs Set
Zilah Bukit Subang 27.6 - 1xTropical herbs Set
Wati Batu Caves 25.6. - Starter Kit
Tini Penang 24.6. - Allano Lotion
Nisha Pinggiran Putra 24.6 - Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Junaidi Pinggiran Putra 24.6 - 2X Roll on deodorant Body Series Amway
Liya Pinggiran Putra 24.6 - Protein natural, Daily60, Starter Kit
Zehan Bukit R. Putra 22.6. - Set bersalin Tropical herbs CD178520602MY
Ima Ampang - Acerola Cherry 22.6. EM162017318MY
Cik Kiut Miut- 21.6. Artistry Cosmetic Brush Set
Leen - 21.6. 2X Baby Oil Tropical herbs
Zeta - 21.6. Allano lotion
Lyza Manual Noxxa 20.6. EM168168165MY
Wati Jitra - Allano , Roll on 20.6. EM162017304MY
Anis Keningau - Baby Oil Tropical Herbs 20.6. EM162017318MY
Liana - 11.6. Tmn Melati - Post Natal Care Set
Raihan - 11.6 - Ampang - Post Natal Care Set
Jue - 9.6. - Putrajaya - 2X Roll on deodorant
Anies - 8.6. - Sri Kembangan - Minyak baby herba
Fariza - 8.6. - Bangi - Daily Nutrilite, Calcium-Magnesium, Salmon Omega, Lecithin E
Ranizah - 8.6. -  Minyak Baby Tropical Herbs 
Norfadzira - 8.6. -  Tropical Herbs Set Lepas bersalin
Zaza, KLCC - 6.6. - 4 bottles of Minyak Baby TH
Mariani - 6.6. - Roll on deodorant
Sally - 6.6. - Set Botol Susu NUK
Husna - 6.6. - Artistry Control Eyeliner Black, Nutrilite Garlic and Licorice
Fatonah - 2.6. - Tropical Herbs Set Lepas bersalin
Puan Saerah - 3.6. Tropical Herbs Set Lepas bersalin
Marliana Putrajaya - 3.6. -  Tropical Herbs Set Lepas bersalin 
Salwa - 2.6. Kepong - Tropical Herbs Set Lepas bersalin
Rose - 2.6.2011 - Shah Alam - Balancing Set, Pore Cleansing Masque,
Ramyah - 2.6.2011 - Shah Alam -  2 x Minyak Telon Asli Tropical Herbs
Niesa - 30.6.2011 - Wangsa Maju - Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set
Tasha - 28.5. - Wangsa Maju - Artistry Essential Balancing Syste, Starter Kit Amway
Sha - 27.5. - Carwash x2, Instant Tyre Shine 2x
Suhada - Trg - Calcium-Magnesium
Nalinah - 27.5. - Protein Powder Mixed Berries
Liya Vista - 26.5. - Protein Powder Mixed Berries, Minyak Telon Asli Tropical herbs
Imah - 26.5. - Wangsa Maju - Perfect Start Wellness Pack: DoubleX & Protein, Garlic-Licorice, [NutriFibreBlend (TNA)], Starter Kit Amway
Amy - 26.5. - Wangsamaju - Minyak Telon Asli Tropical herbs
As - 25.5 - CD177803766MY - Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set
Ima - 25.5 - KL - EM155018511MY - Acerola Cherry, Minyak Baby Tropical Herbs Amway
Mieza - 25.5 - CP117960945MY - QLD, Aus - Calcium-Magnesium
Ani - 25.5 - Lahad Datu - CD177803783MY - Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set
Nisa- 24.5. - Lip Shine 'Brazen' ^_^
Ramyah - 21.5. - Shah Alam - Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set
Fiza -  21.5 - EM155401880MY - Baby Oil x2 and Allano lotion
Raimah - 21.5 Ayer Itam, Penang - EM155400924MY - TH Post Natal Set
Surayya 21.5. - CD177803987MYPetaling Jaya - Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set
Hafiza - 21.5. - B.Mahkota- Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set
Hadzir - 21.5 - Nutrilite CH Balance
Jue - 10.5 - EN480227072MY - Allano Lotion (Bestseller)
Miemy - 9.5 - EN474281879MY - Myk Telon Asli Tropical Herbs
Mahmudah - Seri Kembangan - Allano Lotion
Intan -6.5 Johor Bahru - CD175833147MY - Set Jagaan Lengkap Lps Bersalin Tropical Herbs
Liya Vista Pinggiran 5.5 - Daily60, CalMag180, Protein Mixed Berries, TH Baby Oil
Lin Arshad 5.5 - GH Complexion Bar x 3
Anis Frontline  5.5 -TH Post Natal Set
Ina Vista Pinggiran - Daily60
Suraya Alamanda 4.5 - Tropical Herbs set
Junaidi 4.5 - Roll-on Deodorant x 2, Aloe Gel, Allano Lotion
Hadzir 3.5 - EN503307434MY - Positrim Chocolate, and Acerola Cherry Drink Mix
Adira Awin Putrajaya 3.5 - EN474281851MY - BioCPlus 100tabs for Wound healing in Caesarean Birth.
Lin M.D. 3.5. - EN474281882MY - TH Baby Oil x 2
Kakna 3.5 - Chew Natural C, Triple Guard Echinacea
Kisna 3.5 - EN474281865MY - TH Post Natal Set
Wawa 3.5 - TH Post Natal Set
Maria 2.5 - TH Post Natal Set
Riana 1.5 - TH Post Natal Set
Erna 1.5 - TH Post Natal Set
Anis Frontline  28.4 - Starter Kit Amway
Siti CD170366187MY 28.4 - TH Post Natal Set
Fadzilah Zhi EN480227024MY 27.4 - Minyak Telon Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Mai - Minyak Telon Tropical Herbs Baby Oil
Suhada EN480227055MY (22.4) - Allano Lotion
En Sanusi - TH Post Natal Set -21.4
Leen EN480227038MY (18.4) - NutriFiberBlend
Wan & Zaitul - Roll-on Deodorant x 2
Sakinah 16.4 - Essential Skincare Balancing Set, Pore Cleansing Masque
Herda EN503307522MY (14.4) - TH Baby Oil
Fareeni EN294881369MY - Nutrilite Daily60, NutriFiberBlend60(12.4)
Harmiza EN294883356MY - Allano Lotion (12.4)
Azmah EN474790616 - 3XBodyseries Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on (12.4)
Ilyana  Sg Buloh CD170720007MY - TH Post Natal Set, 2XTH Baby Oil, Allano Lotion (12.4)
Nadia EN503307451MY - 2XTropical Herbs Baby Oil
Normi CD170719715MY - Starter Kit 
Rosniza EN493126687MY - Nutrilite Daily60
Siti- Daily60, NutriFibreBlend60, Lecithin-E150,
K.Maziha - Lecithin E
Ainul -  TH Post Natal Care Set
Amy -  TH Post Natal Care Set
Anies Equine - Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set
Faizahilmi - Tropical Herbs Post Natal Care Set 
Noraini EN493125528MY - 2XTropical Herbs Baby Oil


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