What better time it is...

Awal Muharram..

What better time it is to get on the optimal spiritual lane...


What's the latest quote I like..

Happiness keeps you sweet;
trials keep you strong;
sorrow keeps you human.
Failure keeps you humble;
success keeps you glowing;
but only God keeps you going."


What are my favorite quotes...part II

My other fave quotes are...

1.GRAMMAR IS LOGIC! (Madam Fauziah Hassan, STSSS)
2.Great minds talk about ideas; average minds talk about events; small minds talk about people.
3.Create opportunities and grasp them.
4.Good things aren't always nice, nice things aren't always good.


I am an Amway dealer..

Signed up as Amway distributor ( Pengedar Amway ) to use products in 2006. I have been 100% user since 2008 :-)


What else did I do for KLIUC Convocation Ceremony 2007..

I also wrote a Foreword from Chairman for the same souvenir book



Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

This time Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) is celebrating its 5th Convocation and we are pleased that you are present to share this excitement. To the graduating students, I am proud of your accomplishments and look forward to share this very special milestone with you and your family. I am also proud of the profound commitment showed by KLIUC faculty and staff over the past years. Together we have helped individuals improve their lives by preparing for fulfilling careers, discovering new interests and opportunities, and expanding their horizons through our academic programs. KLIUC has indeed been making tremendous progress since it was founded, and has always placed paramount importance on high standards in quality education, research and knowledge transfer. We are committed to create the environment in which abilities and skills can blossom, enabling students to realize full potential to work towards achieving the vision and realizing the missions of the university college.

State-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, experienced and knowledgeable lecturers, conscientious managers, dedicated executives and hard working staff are among the strengths of this university college. Approvals and accreditations are also among a number of huge achievements that deserve praise. These investments in infrastructure, human capital and certifications are essential ingredients for an institution to be able to achieve the reliability in being benchmarked against the best.

Working together we can ensure the best results which are in line with achieving the university college’s vision and the national agenda. Education succeeds best when there is a strong partnership between parents, faculty, administrators and everyone involved – a partnership that thrives on communication. Good communication is essential for the student to make the most of the opportunities provided. The influence of a good home environment cannot be duplicated within the university college. Hence, it is imperative that parents and the university college work cooperatively for the maximum and successful development of the students. Every effort will be made to offer a high standard of excellence in both academic and extracurricular activities. Students who are well-motivated are encouraged to attend classes and activities regularly and punctually. Failures are often attributed to irregular attendance, while tardiness tends to develop the wrong habits and attitudes toward life and it responsibilities. The cooperation of all parties will result in more efficient and successful academic programs and extracurricular activities. We at KLIUC will focus our attitude and commitment to the academic success of each student. We will work together as we implement the goals, strategies, and activities as presented in the Business Strategic Planning 2007/08.

I am highly optimistic about the future of KLIUC. It is indeed a great pleasure to celebrate this important accomplishment with all of you. Well done to the outstanding graduates for your remarkable academic feat, and congratulations to all graduates on earning your scrolls. I wish all of you the best in life.

“For Knowledge, For Humanity”

Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abdul Hamid Othman


How did I contribute to KLIUC Convocation Ceremony 2007

I wrote a Preface for the souvenir book.


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the fifth Convocation Ceremony 2007 of the Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC). On this occasion, we are pleased to welcome all guests of honors, parents, members of the family, friends, academic staff and administrative staff to celebrate the graduates’ success in receiving their scrolls and commemorate their beginning of a new journey in life. To the graduates: bravo and congratulations for completing your studies at KLIUC. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to all faculty and staff for constantly working hard and showing dauntless commitment in upholding KLIUC’s vision and mission. Our deep gratitude goes to the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and the National Accreditation Board or Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN) for their valuable co-operation and guidance.

KLIUC is an MSC status higher learning institution and has long benefited from ISO 9001 certification. KLIUC is also a member of Microsoft IT Academy Program Our strong commitment and collaboration with the MoHE and LAN guarantee our continuous growth and progress towards achieving our vision to become a world renowned infrastructure university. KLIUC, established in 2003, strives to excel in various fields by providing quality and excellent educational and professional services, and state-of-the-art technology to more than 2,000 local and international students every semester. To date KLIUC has produced almost two thousand graduates who are now serving primarily in engineering and technology related fields. It has a remarkable graduation rate, offers reasonable fees, grants tuition waivers for outstanding students and recognizes them with Dean’s List Award, and most importantly, consists of faculty and staff who are constantly improving themselves towards greater achievements. We are committed in our focus towards achieving our goal of becoming a full-pledged university by next year.

At KLIUC, over thirty approved and accredited academic programs are offered – 16 diplomas, 15 degree programs, 2 master’s program (Business Administration and Engineering), and 2 foundation programs in Business and Engineering. Admission to these programs is based on counseling referrals, student interest and career goals. Most of our diploma programs and a number of our degree programs are accredited by LAN. With the aim to enhance the proficiency in English, we offer short courses to anyone interested to improve their English. The courses are English for Academic Purposes, Public Speaking, English for the Workplace, Preparation for the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and Intensive English Program. Realizing the importance of IT skills, KLIUC is now offering both Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) certifications to anyone keen on upgrading themselves in the IT field.

KLIUC has been actively establishing relations and securing arrangements for scholarships and advance standing status with foreign universities. It has international partners and has signed a number of MOUs with universities, institutions and agencies in the United Kingdom, the People's Republic of China, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ireland and Maldives for collaborative arrangements, and more MOUs will be signed with universities in New Zealand, South Africa and the Netherlands. As a result, we are seeing a steady enrolment of students from these countries; our students are able to transfer credits if they wish to complete their degree programs in these countries, and the staff are able to conduct activities such as research and development, joint programs and consultancy.

As we try to prepare the students for the future and provide them with solid academic background, we also aim to equip them with human skills by encouraging them to participate in extra-curricular activities which enable them to develop talents, forge strong friendships, work as a team, develop excellent communication skills, learn ways to think about issues and solve problems, as well as nurture reason, national integrity and tolerance towards different cultures and religions.

In line with KLIUC’s motto, "For Knowledge, For Humanity", we are committed to develop the students’ characters, and prepare them to become responsible citizens of Malaysia and in the world at large, and to produce high quality and excellent graduates. It is hoped that this effort will meet the demands of the industries and the country's rapid development. We believe that education does not end with a graduation. So, to the graduates, begin your new life with the ability and determination to excel academically, personally and morally; a willingness to extend yourself to help others and to take a chance on playing a leadership role; and the ability to work as part of the nation and the world.


What are my favorite quotes...

These are my fave quotes, learnt at RP Jalan Syers (1997)

1.Personal development BEFORE vested status
2.What doesn't apply let it fly!
3.Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it
4.To be aware is to be alive
5.Slow learner low life
6.No free lunch!
8.Do your thing right, everything else will follow
9.We are not working when we are not networking
10.Have blind faith -- trust the environment (only in RP)
11.Compensation is valid



Collection of Articles... CLICK HERE because they are sooooo GOOD and NICE to read.. ;-)


Cats can cause Human Infertility??? Scary!!!

Kajian sains menunjukkan kucing boleh menyebabkan kemandulan di kalangan manusia..
Sebelum ni, ada kajian menunjukkan kucing menyebabkan janin keguguran...
Untuk baca lanjut laporan kajian sains ini, CLICK SINI..

Beauty Brushes 6-pieces

ARTISTRY Cosmetic Brush 6-pc Set

  • Powder Brush: To apply loose powder over foundation to create a smooth, matte finish. Shape and quality of goat hair bristles are perfect for high retention of powder and ease of application.

  • Eyebrow Brush: To shape and groom the brows and separate lashes. Stiff oxtail bristles allow for easy removal of excess foundation and powder and precisely shape the brows.

  • Eye Colour Brush: The eye colour brush is used to blend colour over the entire eye lid. Specially shaped pony hair bristles allow for high retention of powder and provide more control in applying colour.

  • Angled Brush: Can be used to apply eye colour to create a dramatic eye design or add colour to brow. Stiffness of white goat hair bristles provides the ability to create sharp definition or contour to the eye.

  • Blusher Brush: Used to add colour to the cheeks. The brush features rounded pony hair bristles to assure a soft touch and improve diffusion of powder for more control to create a soft finish on the cheek.

  • Lip Brush: Finish make-up by using the lip brush for precise application of lip colour. Nylon bristles provide great control, particularly in the hard to reach areas in the corner of the mouth.

  • Evening Primrose Plus.. EPO PLUS

    • EPO PLUS memberi sokongan pemakanan untuk kesejahteraan wanita semasa pusingan haid mereka.
    • Satu gel lembut memberi 125mg Minyak Evening Primrose, 125mg Minyak Borage Oil, 50mg ekstrak Halia, 25mg ekstrak Chasteberry, 20mg ekstrak Dong Quai, serta Bioflavonoid Sitrus.
    • Mengandungi campuran unik GLA (asid gamma-linolenik) daripada minyak Evening Primrose dan Borage untuk membantu mengurangkan simptom-simptom yang dikaitkan dengan PMS (Sindrom Sebelum Haid).
    • Evening Primrose, Borage dan Chasteberry telah diguna sejak dulu untuk membantu mengawal tahap hormon, oleh itu mengurangkan simptom-simptom PMS.
    • Dong Quai, satu herba traditional Cina (atau dikenali sebagai "ginseng wanita") telah diguna untuk kesan penyeimbangan terhadap sistem hormon wanita dan melegakan ketidakselesaan dalam jangka masa pendek.
    • Halia mempunyai kesan menenang terhadap sistem gastrousus yang membantu melegakan rasa loya dan simptom-simptom biasa PMS.
    • Bioflavonoid Sitrus ditambah untuk memberi perlindungan antioksidan terhadap radikal bebas.
    • Ekstrak distandardkan untuk memberi kekonsistenan dan kualiti sebatian yang aktif.
    • Makanlah 1-4 gel lembut setiap hari, seeloknya bersama sajian.
    • 60 gel lembut.


    BioC Plus... Bukan C Biasa....A true brand is a promise, a reflection of the entrepreneur's body, mind and spirit. Its your word.

    Bukan Cinta Biasa..my favorite song dendangan Dato Siti Nurhaliza Bio C Plus.. Bukan C Biasa.. is and has been my favorite anti-oxidant... sebiji bioC Plus bersamaan 5 biji buah orange sunkist isi dia termasuk dgn kulit2 sekali yg byk bioflavonoids tu.. harga satu tablet cuma 0.52 sen...

    Amik BioC Plus..seriously berkesan.. kalau selsema atau batuk..ambil 2 tablet every meal , in 2 days u akan clear ur flu..lepas tu maintain ambil sehari sebiji, u takkan kena jangkit selsema walau org sekeliling dah selsema demam batuk bagai...hehee.. ok..jom tengok gambar..
    ada kawan kata..melalui pengalaman.. kalau kita berhadap dengan org yg selsema yg bersin depan kita sebanyak 6 kali baru kita boleh kena selsema. tapi alhamdulillah setakat ni, mmg bila on this tablet, it's almost like antibody kuat betul, dgn izin Allah.. tak kena selsema walaupun satu offfice dah berjangkit sorang demi sorang kena selsema , demam, batuk, ambil MC bagai... Alhamdulillah...

    Bio C Plus.... Memang BUKAN mcm vitamin C BIASA.. :-)

    • Setiap tablet yang bersalut NUTRILOCK memberi 250 mg vitamin C (termasuk 30 mg atau vitamin C semula jadi daripada Pekatan Ceri Aserola NUTRILITE).
    • Serta 35 mg multiflavonoids sitrus (ekstrak kulit dan isi buah sitrus) dan Sebatian Tumbuhan Fitonutrien.
    • Vitamin C adalah antioksidan yang diperlukan untuk mengekalkan tulang, gigi dan gusi yang sihat serta kulit yg cantik. Ia juga membantu dalam penyembuhan luka. Bebas dari jangkitan selsema, batuk dan demam.
    • Vitamin C amat perlu untuk sesiapa yg mengalami luka di kulit luar dan juga luka organ dalaman, contohnya sesiapa yg undergo caesarian birth, plastic surgery, heart surgery atau operations to remove tonsil or any parts of the body,or involved in accidents..pendek kata kalau ada luka, BioCPlus akan perbaiki..termasuklah luka di muka akibat jerawat ok.. memang best lah antioxidants ni..
    • Gandingan terbaik utk BioCplus ialah Calciummagnesium dan Protein
    • Lain2 jenis antioxidants ialah beta carotene, lutene, alphacarotene dan lecithin-E..
    K.K.L.I.U: 1202/2009/I

    • Each NUTRILOCK coated tablet gives you 250 mg of vitamin C (includes 30 mg of natural vitamin C from NUTRILITE Acerola Cherry Concentrate).
    • Plus 35 mg of citrus multiflavonoids (citrus peel and pulp extract) and Phytonutrient Plant Compounds.
    • Vitamin C is an antioxidant needed for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and gums as well as beautiful skin. It also aids in wound healing. Free from flu, cough and fever.


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