Read medical report on BAD side effects of Food Coloring on Kids.

Click and READ ~ Synthetic food coloring: BAD effect on children's behavior

Are you and your kids suffering from memory loss? Food artificial coloring causes memory loss, attention deficiency, disability to focus, learning, thinking, hyperactivity, BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS, thyroid tumors and cancer. Kids' brains absorb about 50% of what they eat. Take food with natural coloring and take natural supplements such as Nutrilite ( contains no coloring and preservatives ).

Choose natural food. Avoid making or consuming food with colorings. Nice to see the Colors.. but it affects BADly on our kids' brains and behaviors. 
Choose organic supplements: no artificial coloring/arificial flavors/preservatives. Choose supplements with effective combinations of vitamins, minerals, and plants concentrates containing phytonutrients.


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