Received a call from him. After visited mak, I went out to Gombak to see him, Lara and Makcik. Sedih sbb mereka kena tunggu lama sbb tak boleh bawa laju as I was so scared anything would happen as I wasn't sure about the condition of the spare tyre..
Reached there after about one hour and a half, him very patiently giving me directions.........
I'm so sorry to him, Lara and Makcik for waiting for me for so long......
Changed all four tyres..thanks to him... Then sent Makcik back home n prayed Zuhur, and went out alone to checkout some pieces at Bhaju at Wangsa Walk Mall at Wangsa Maju. Great window shopping place.. It's a second time I went there.. First time, I went with Lara to watch Khurafat :-) There I encountered with some 'lions' and I took some pictures... :-)

 Lion eating
 Lion dance
 Lion on the escalator
 In front of Cold Storage Wangsa Walk Mall
View of Carrefour Wangsa Maju and NZ Curry House Wangsa Maju from in front of Cold Storage Wangsa Walk Mall.
Cold Storage at Wangsa Walk Mall, Wangsa Maju

Some stuffs from Amway Shoppe Wangsa Maju....
I bought 2 boxes of cappucino and mocha, and got 1 free mug.
2 bottles of premium gold cordial, and got 1 bottle of lychee syrup
3 items of  Home Care, and got 1 bottle of Floor wash free..
2 bottles of abalone sauce, got 1 bottle of soy sauce free..
At about 5 pm, I reached at KLIUC, and spent some times chatting with Siti and Sham at the cafeteria.


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