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Natural Protein from Nutrilite...
Protein bagus untuk pembentukan tisu2 dan sel2 baru. Bantu pesakit lepas jalani pembedahan untuk pulih segera, dgn izin Allah. Protein ialah building blocks for all the cells and tissues in your body. Ambik ni la kalau nak kulit cantiks dan gebus :-D
Bekerjasama dgn baik bersama2 Bio-c Plus (tukang serap Protein dlm badan) calcium dan magnesium serta lain2 zat pemakanan.. For more facts about PROTEIN, pls click here..

  • One 10 g scoop provides 8 g of protein from soy protein isolate and milk protein concentrate as well as 9 essential amino acids, in just 36 calories.
  • Blends easily into your diet.
  • Mixes well with your favourite recipe.
  • Easily digested and is low in fat and cholesterol.
  • Protein is the major food source from which blood, muscles and tissues are built.
Soy protein is shown to help in reducing cholesterol level. The recommended amount of soy protein that would produce the cholesterol lowering effect is 25g per day.

Hantar Minyak Bayi Tropical Herbs untuk Yusna yang comel.. :-)

Hantar Minyak Baby Tropical Herbs 4 botol untuk Yusna kat Precinct 7...

Pengalaman Caesarean

Wellness Education Programme 28 - 29 May 2011 (Sat - Sun)

Wellness Education Programme

Wellness Education Programme
  • Endorsed by Malaysian Wellness Society and Open University.
  • Exclusive only to Amway Distributors at RM350 per person!
Early Bird Discount RM30!
If you register one month before the date of the programme, you are entitled to a RM30 discount. Hurry now, register and enjoy the discount!
Upon Completion:
  • You will receive a certificate to give you added credibility in retailing NUTRILITE products.
  • A FREE Malaysian Wellness Society online support for 1 year.
  • Certificate endorsed by Malaysian Wellness Society and Open University (issued upon completion of the course)
*Register one month before the program date and get a RM30 discount.
Distinguished Speakers:
Dr Rajbans Singh, Consultant Physician and Geriatrician, Pantai Medical Center and President Malaysian Wellness Society and other consultants, who are experts in their fields.
Course Venue:
Beacon International Specialist Centre Sdn Bhd
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7620 7979 Fax: 03-7620 7929
Register online at www.amway2u.com or at your nearest RDC.


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