What makes you humble?

What is it that makes you humble -- is it your face, beautifully created but you think it is not as pretty or handsome as the other person whom you adore or you envy?
Is it your appearance which you have taken care of enough but still doesn't meet your expectation because you know you have to gain more in order to afford some form of treatment?
Is it your belongings...
Is it your furniture which is not as expensive as the ones in Ikea catalogues?
Is it your small house or your cheap car?
Is it your failure at making billions of ringgits per year?
Is it your lack of influence that makes people not to listen to you, ignore you or underestimate you?
Is it your performance that had never deserved a Noble prize?

What makes you humble is by not feeling proud when looking at other people who cannot afford what you can, and who have not earned what you have earned, and who do not have the position that you have, and who did not go through the education that you have gone through, and to look at them with kindness and respect, thinking and believing that your gains and success are not as important or no better than the humanity itself.

To me, not feeling proud is what makes you humble. But you have to achieve something first in order to allow you to remove the pride and to feel humble.


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