Haruman Lavender...

lavender tu yg bagus fungsi dia utk kerehatan..

hari tu guna lavender (ungu) dlm ofis, my officemate and I, dua2 kami terus rasa ngantuk mcm nak rehat hahaha.. pastu layan tidur kat dlm ofis..oops lunch hour laaa.. pastu masa saya bawak balik rumah kat dlm kereta tu boleh plak saya mengantuk bau lavender tu hahaha ;-P bagus ni letak kat bilik tido..


Source: Herb Health Guide

Lavendula officinalis, Labiatae. The flowers are the part of the plant used.
The flowers should be collected just before opening in summer. They should be dried gently at a temperature not above 35 degrees C.

Functions of lavender

This wonderful herb has many uses, in food, cosmetics and medicines. The lavender oil should not be taken internally, but it can be inhaled, rubbed on the skin or used in baths. It:
  • has a wonderfully relaxing effect on mind and body. It is a good remedy for:
    • anxiety,
    • nervous and physical symptoms caused by stress, for example:
      • headaches,
      • palpitations and
      • insomnia.
  • has a stimulating effect as well so it is useful as a tonic for the nervous system in people who are suffering from nervous exhaustion.
  • also has a relaxing effect on the digestive system where it soothes spasms, and colic related to tensions and anxiety. It relieves:
    • distension,
    • wind,
    • nausea,
    • indigestion and
    • stimulates the appetite.
  • has powerful antiseptic properties that have been shown to be effective against bacteria such as diphtheria, typhoid, streptococcus and pneumococcus.
  • When taken as a hot infusion lavender causes sweating and reduces fever. It assist in detoxifying the body by increasing the elimination of toxins via the skin and with its mild diuretic action, through the urine.
  • is useful externally as a disinfectant for cuts and wound, sores and ulcers and in cases of eczema and acne.


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