Arthritis is atrocious.. Mak sakit lutut tak boleh jalan, dan ikhtiar cara ni, sekarang bukan setakat berjalan, dah boleh skipping dan jogging pun, alhamdulillah :-)

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Hari ini saya dapat tahu yang rakan sekerja dihinggapi sakit lutut yg doktor sahkan arthritis. Saya berharap dia akan bersetuju untuk mengambil Glucosamine Hcl Nutrilite demi kesihatannya sendiri.
Take Nutrilite Glucosamine hcl which will be absorbed 85% compared to Glucosamine of brand x 60% absorption..the ones you buy at pharmacies.. Also take Calcium-Magnesium, Natural B-Complex, Bio-C Plus and lastly, take care..

Large pimples under the skin on my chin T.T

This is certainly not the right time to be getting pimples. Not one or two but five. I think I know what have caused them. The crabs, prawns and cute cuttlefishhhh... But now reasons are not important anymore. I am focusing on getting rid of them. It's easy.. Back to regime and routine.. I have to be more disciplined. . Artistry Essential Balancing System.. plus Pore cleansing masque .. Blemish Control Lotion...and a complete set of supplements.. Bio-C, Lecithin-E, B-Complex, Garlic&Licorice.. I've taken a series of picture of the painful and ugly pimples but I'll have to get rid of them first to be showing them together with a clear healthy skin..side-by-side..before-and-after picture.. I just can't wait to say goodbye to my pimply chin and hello to a better and healthy skin.. Thank God, i have Artistry..and Nutrilite :-)


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