Beat these five enemies.. Get to know three FUN and important advantages: 1. An immediate channel to the marketplace to market products and services directly to family, friends and neighbours 2. Offer superior services to customers. Distributors provide personal service, product demonstrations and the convenience of home delivery 3. An opportunity for anyone to own a business

The greatest enemy of oneself is one own self. Not others. They are:
1. Fear of Failure vs Keep Trying even for the 10th, 100th, 1000th 10,000th of times...
2. Worry vs 100 minus 92 minus 8 minus 4 possibilities...
3. Our Guilt vs Other people's Guilt
4. Feeling of Unworthiness vs Grace of God
5. Feeling of Insecurity vs Belief and Stability
(Reference: Rich Devos Series)

This entry is a retrospection. I am slow. That's OK. *I will continue to do what I have started the best I can. The only thing I am sure of now is that: I can... I will... and I must... although I am slow... and I am late... but I hope it is never too late...

Misplaced modifier:
*I will continue to do what I have started the best I can.
--> I will continue the best I can to do what I have started.  


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