How sad.. Oh..Jangan buang bayi anda (T.T) sob..sob..

Sharing, Selling, Sponsoring and Servicing :-)

Got three places to go today. First, to take Mak and Adik to see Hj Lokman at Darul Syifa' al Hidayah at Villa Bistari, Sg Pusu Gombak. Second, to go see Lily's friend, Sakinah to deliver Lily's Glister Toothpaste at Mahallah Salahuddin at International Islamic University. Then, next destination is Adilah's place at Ayers Tower Condo, near Taman Kosas, Ampang. Adilah is goign to sign up for Amway and become Amway dealer / Amway distributor today! For those in Gombak, you all can reach her, and to get her contact details, please get in touch with me :-)


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