What makes you humble?

What is it that makes you humble -- is it your face, beautifully created but you think it is not as pretty or handsome as the other person whom you adore or you envy?
Is it your appearance which you have taken care of enough but still doesn't meet your expectation because you know you have to gain more in order to afford some form of treatment?
Is it your belongings...
Is it your furniture which is not as expensive as the ones in Ikea catalogues?
Is it your small house or your cheap car?
Is it your failure at making billions of ringgits per year?
Is it your lack of influence that makes people not to listen to you, ignore you or underestimate you?
Is it your performance that had never deserved a Noble prize?

What makes you humble is by not feeling proud when looking at other people who cannot afford what you can, and who have not earned what you have earned, and who do not have the position that you have, and who did not go through the education that you have gone through, and to look at them with kindness and respect, thinking and believing that your gains and success are not as important or no better than the humanity itself.

To me, not feeling proud is what makes you humble. But you have to achieve something first in order to allow you to remove the pride and to feel humble.


How nice it feels when someone important reads the text you compose... :-)

This text is subject to approval of Puan Maziha and Dato' President.


Speech by Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Hj. Abdul Hamid bin Othman






Good evening and assala:mu `alaikum wa rahmatulla:hi wabaraka:tuh”

Indeed it’s a great pleasure to share this special event with all of you in this university college – the management, faculty, staff and students who are carrying KLIUC’s mission forward into this New Year 2009. I trust that you feel renewed and revitalized with the start of a new year.

As an academic institution KLIUC has a vision, and we have a mission and purpose, and we have incredible opportunities before us in the coming months of the year.

Today every one of us inherits this university college and all of its advantages and infrastructure which came into existence directly or indirectly due to education.

The future for higher education and academic institution in our country is bright and the history is being rewritten every day. Malaysian universities have now emerged in the international academic scene.

Recently there was a buzz of excitement among public and private higher education institutions. They were preparing themselves to compete to be named and awarded as Malaysia's first apex university.

KLIUC students, faculty and staff, too, should rise to the occasion and always be reminded of our vision.

Higher learning institutions need to spot new trends in the society, quickly respond, and plan not only to survive but to flourish and prosper. It is time to embrace all that 2009 will bring us. We need to take time to get grounded, reflect on our successes and our challenges and work together to make the future something for which we can all be proud

KLIUC’s commitment to academic and administrative excellence is evidenced by MQA accreditation of its academic programs, the MSC status, key performance indicators, quality assurance indicators, physical building and infrastructure development, and the ISO 9001 certification.

I’ve learnt that the university college has become more involved in charity and community service locally and internationally, for instance, in helping the victims of earthquake in China, landslide and floods in the country, and hostilities in Gaza.

A well-balance education should blend academic achievements and good morality. Knowledge and practice of knowledge should harmoniously integrate social standards for good behavior and character. Charity begins at home, and it makes us proud to see our students decide to sacrifice a little of what they have for the benefits of others.

The success of the university college is definitely the culmination of constructive collaboration among the faculty and staff members, administrators, and students to continuously upgrade educational quality and services. Despite the financial tsunami, we need to look ahead to the educational needs of the future.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream.” KLIUC does have a dream for its future, and a plan to get us there. Most importantly, we should embrace the dream, make changes, adapt, innovate and be consistent.

The mother of the believers `A’isha (RAA) reported that God's messenger (SAW) was asked: ' What deeds are most liked by God?' He (SAW) answered what translated means: "The deeds liked best by God are those that are most regular, even if they are few." (Related by al-Bukhari)

Without doubt, our consistent action will determine our success in rising above the competition. Consistency brings out the best in us: the excellence that is the subject of this evening's awards.

As such, I would like to congratulate all of the faculty and staff members, and administrators, who have given the majority of their time for the students’ benefits. Your long hours and your commitment to the students and the university college, in addition to the time at work, are greatly appreciated.

I would also like to congratulate the students who have made very impressive achievements by showing an excellent performance in the examinations that surpass average passing rates to deserve the award granted by KLIUC. Your academic achievement exemplify the very best that KLIUC offers to all of the students, to society and to the nation.

”’Syabas!’ saya ucapkan; dan saya doakan anda semua akan terus berusaha untuk meningkatkan kecemerlangan akademik anda ke tahap yang lebih tinggi.’

“Dengan lafaz ‘bismilla:hirrahma:nirrahi:m’, saya merasmikan Majlis Anugerah Dekan KLIUC. Wa billa:hi taufiq wal hida:yah wassala:mu `alaikum warahmatulla:hi wabaraka:tuh”


Why Doubting is a Must

For some people it's only natural to doubt things. But it's much more useful to focus on what we can do. Doubting things per se won't change a lot, or at all. If you doubt a concept, you've got to search the truth. If you doubt an action that is done, you've got to act so that it can be improved and won't be repeated.

However, when people do not doubt things, not many improvements can be made. I see people who push away doubts as wanting to be safe, and lazy to find out the meaning of the subject of their doubt; or making a change to progress further from the initial state. So, doubting is necessarily a first step towards making progress.

At certain age, if you are doubting a lot of things around you but yourself, you are basically normal. You'd probably see every single thing critically, judging its worth and more often you'll find things are not up to your expectation, and you know that things should be or have/had to be better than how they are/were.

You would probably also think that you don't need advice from anyone because you can think for yourself and you have opinion(s). Or maybe other people don't understand your complex mind... but, for what it's worth, listen, or at least, try to listen.

I doubted a lot of things at that age. However, as I didn't talk about it to the right person, I wasted my time criticizing things around me rather than doing something that I could do to make things better. The only consolation: I was focused on my studies. But the 'bad' thing was, I doubted my own faith. But that's another story.

When you doubt things, you exercise your evaluation skill. If you are doubting the education system, you are concerned about its effectiveness. So, do more than what is given to you, or demanded from you. Equip yourself with knowledge through reading a lot, and gain skills by getting involved with projects or activity that may help you live, work, function better in the years to come.

Whatever you think about an issue, work out some solution to it--if you become popular, contest in an election, and you may become a savior. You can't do much on a large scale if you don't have power in this country. But that should not be an excuse not to do anything on a small scale of course. And of course, again, that starts with yourself. And doing the right thing with integrity means that you'd still do it even though other people don't know it, and regardless of appreciation or recognition. Religions teach you that what goes round comes round, so pay it forward.. it is karma, and although the world is not perfect; god is perfect and just so there's life after life.

And, be patient, because you'll know and realize the truth about what you're doubting all in good time. The older you get, the wiser you'll become. Hopefully.


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