What else did I do for KLIUC Convocation Ceremony 2007..

I also wrote a Foreword from Chairman for the same souvenir book



Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

This time Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) is celebrating its 5th Convocation and we are pleased that you are present to share this excitement. To the graduating students, I am proud of your accomplishments and look forward to share this very special milestone with you and your family. I am also proud of the profound commitment showed by KLIUC faculty and staff over the past years. Together we have helped individuals improve their lives by preparing for fulfilling careers, discovering new interests and opportunities, and expanding their horizons through our academic programs. KLIUC has indeed been making tremendous progress since it was founded, and has always placed paramount importance on high standards in quality education, research and knowledge transfer. We are committed to create the environment in which abilities and skills can blossom, enabling students to realize full potential to work towards achieving the vision and realizing the missions of the university college.

State-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, experienced and knowledgeable lecturers, conscientious managers, dedicated executives and hard working staff are among the strengths of this university college. Approvals and accreditations are also among a number of huge achievements that deserve praise. These investments in infrastructure, human capital and certifications are essential ingredients for an institution to be able to achieve the reliability in being benchmarked against the best.

Working together we can ensure the best results which are in line with achieving the university college’s vision and the national agenda. Education succeeds best when there is a strong partnership between parents, faculty, administrators and everyone involved – a partnership that thrives on communication. Good communication is essential for the student to make the most of the opportunities provided. The influence of a good home environment cannot be duplicated within the university college. Hence, it is imperative that parents and the university college work cooperatively for the maximum and successful development of the students. Every effort will be made to offer a high standard of excellence in both academic and extracurricular activities. Students who are well-motivated are encouraged to attend classes and activities regularly and punctually. Failures are often attributed to irregular attendance, while tardiness tends to develop the wrong habits and attitudes toward life and it responsibilities. The cooperation of all parties will result in more efficient and successful academic programs and extracurricular activities. We at KLIUC will focus our attitude and commitment to the academic success of each student. We will work together as we implement the goals, strategies, and activities as presented in the Business Strategic Planning 2007/08.

I am highly optimistic about the future of KLIUC. It is indeed a great pleasure to celebrate this important accomplishment with all of you. Well done to the outstanding graduates for your remarkable academic feat, and congratulations to all graduates on earning your scrolls. I wish all of you the best in life.

“For Knowledge, For Humanity”

Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Abdul Hamid Othman


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