Happy Mother's Day, Mak...

Boys to Men - Mama

Spice Girls - Mama

Hospital Serdang, KFC Jaya Jusco Equine, Amway Shoppe Wangsa Maju, South City Plaza, McDonald's Equine

Hungry.. had just finished transaction with Puan Erna and Puan Rianna, to both of whom I had supplied Tropical Herbs Post-Natal Care Set today... I've always taken this seat whenever I come to this KFC but I've never noticed that from here, I can see my apartment! Err..what's that girl doing near my car...
While waiting for the counter to be empty

Went to Hospital Serdang to get stock of CarnamarzepineCR and Histac Ranbaxy

WHile waiting for adik's name to be called

The number then was 1116..
Still many people..... haishhh.. :-)
Wa aakhiran.. dapat jugak makan....heeeeeee
Lining up to pay...although there are 4 working cashier.. very common on the last day of the month..

I like this shop :-)

Promotions for new member's corner

Ok..my  turn comes next.. :-)

These are what I am gonna pay for first and get back soon :-)
Spring Limited Edition Collection.. have tried the colors.. Artistry is the colors of Diamonds and Miss America..what more can I say?

Close-up on the Winning Colors of Artistry :-)
Hasil tangkapan yg akan dijual dgn harga berpatutan...

Hasil tangkapan yg pastinya akan dijual dgn harga yg betul berpatutan...

NoorAzizah Ura Madi err.. Sorry can't figure out la yan.. What eyh?
Noor Azian Fakurazi ‎8 tu macam upper case 'b' kan? 4 macam upper case 'a'
Noor Azian Fakurazi ‎;-P
NoorAzizah Ura Madi haaaahhhhahahahaha....!!!
NoorAzizah Ura Madi bikin lg panas.. We Love Ham.......ekekekeke...
Noor Azian Fakurazi aaaahahahahaah LOLLL
    South City Plaza from Jalan Besar.. mcm biasa traffic jam siang malam pagi petang..

    Tgh traffic jam, bukan newsworthy langsung pun. saja2 nak buang memory space hmm

    McDonald's Equine Park ~ I like this friendly place...
    InshaAllah esok (Ahad) atau lusa akan jumpa Puan Mariam pula di sini sbb
    dia nak collect Tropical Herbs Set untuk Jagaan Lepas Bersalin..InshaAllah.


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